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Released: Oct 16, 2007

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Jimmy Eat World
Jimmy Eat World

'00s Adult Alternative
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Rock: 2005
Rock: 2005

Chase This Light – Jimmy Eat World

Name Artist Time Price

Big Casino Jimmy Eat World 3:40 $1.29

Let It Happen Jimmy Eat World 3:25 $1.29

Always Be Jimmy Eat World 3:04 $1.29

Carry You Jimmy Eat World 4:22 $0.99

Electable (Give It Up) Jimmy Eat World 2:56 $0.99

Gotta Be Somebody's Blues Jimmy Eat World 4:45 $0.99

Feeling Lucky Jimmy Eat World 2:32 $0.99

Here It Goes Jimmy Eat World 3:22 $0.99

Chase This Light Jimmy Eat World 3:26 $1.29

Firefight Jimmy Eat World 3:51 $0.99

Dizzy Jimmy Eat World 4:46 $0.99

Dizzy (Acoustic Version) Jimmy Eat World 4:26 $0.99
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Our Review

Jimmy Eat World mark more than a decade of music-making with their sixth studio release, Chase This Light, hiring producer Butch Vig to give the record some spit and polish. Some fans may whine there is more polish than spit here, as the band hangs on to their original post-punk aspirations with a dangerously thin thread. The first single, “Big Casino,” is built on a solid J.E.W. foundation, with energetic, buzzing guitars pushing Jim Adkins’ vocals to their emotional brink, a sticky chorus thrown out there just often enough to keep you hooked. A strong contender for single treatment, “Let it Happen,” follows, with a clever and acerbic lyrical lashing (“I can laugh it off… heh heh heh heh…”), and even the third track is readymade for radio play. The best moment here is a real stylistic diversion, and shows what the band is capable of: “Gotta Be Somebody’s Blues” starts off with creeping, atonal guitar strumming that gets swept up into a yowling, warped phalanx of strings, and Adkins’ quiet vocal delivery nails the somber mood.  It feels experimental and dramatic, and is completely satisfying.


Customer Reviews

Nearly reached their full potential (4 stars)

Jimmy Eat World has come a long way since getting dropped by Capitol, having to sell the singles they made independently that they then recorded into a single independent album called "Singles" so they could sell these CDs in order to raise enough money to pay for making the ever-famous "Bleed American," otherwise known as the CD "Jimmy Eat World." So I will say that first, I have an enormous amount of respect

From a JEW fan: "Chase" explores a new tone (over and over); solid, but disappointing. (4 stars)

First off – I am a HUGE Jimmy Eat World fan. They are by far my favorite band. That's why "Chase This Light" was a bit of a disappointment. The new album definitely seems to reflect JEW's new sound: shiny, polished, and over-produced. The reverb/self-harmonizing vocal effects featured in Future's "Kill" are used here to the point of overkill. I love Jim's voice, but by the album's midpoint, I was desperate for some un-dig

An Absolute Triumph (5 stars)

After three long years, Jimmy Eat World returns with “Chase this Light” and absolutely triumphs. The album is clean and polished, yet remarkably unique in sound and content. From start to finish, this album pleases. Older J.E.W. fans will appreciate the raw sounding hits like “Dizzy”, “Carry You”, and “Gotta Be Somebody’s Blues”. Newer fans can rock out to catchy songs like “Like She'll Always Be” and “Electable


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