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Released: Sep 28, 2007

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Matchbox Twenty/Rob Thomas
Matchbox Twenty..

'00s Pop
'00s Pop

'90s Rock
'90s Rock

Exile On Mainstream – Matchbox Twenty

Name Artist Time Price

How Far We've Come Matchbox Twenty 3:31 $1.29

I'll Believe You When Matchbox Twenty 3:16 $1.29

All Your Reasons Matchbox Twenty 2:40 $1.29

These Hard Times Matchbox Twenty 3:48 $1.29

If I Fall Matchbox Twenty 2:47 $1.29

Can't Let You Go Matchbox Twenty 3:28 $1.29

Long Day Matchbox Twenty 3:45 $1.29

Push Matchbox Twenty 3:57 $1.29

3 AM Matchbox Twenty 3:44 $1.29

Real World Matchbox Twenty 3:50 $1.29

Back 2 Good Matchbox Twenty 5:37 $1.29

Bent Matchbox Twenty 4:17 $1.29

If You're Gone Matchbox Twenty 4:34 $1.29

Mad Season Matchbox Twenty 5:07 $1.29

Disease Matchbox Twenty 3:38 $1.29

Unwell Matchbox Twenty 3:57 $1.29

Bright Lights Matchbox Twenty 4:01 $1.29
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Our Review

Not only exiled to the mainstream, Matchbox Twenty rules the mainstream, and the band wears the mantle proudly. Making music that appeals to a wide audience while retaining a certain excitement and vitality takes real skill and devotion, and that same force is put to good use by the band — admirably —  in using their high profile to promote a number of worthy nonprofit organizations. Exile celebrates the band’s history and astonishing popularity — in ten years, they earned five Grammy nominations and had more Number One hits than any other artist in Adult Top 40 radio history. After a brief hiatus following their last studio release in 2002, Matchbox Twenty returns, this time as a foursome (their rhythm guitarist departed in 2005), to record six new tracks with uber-producer Steve Lillywhite (U2, Rolling Stones, etc.) at the helm.  The second set of tunes here is a readymade gift for loyal fans, containing their biggest hits starting with 1996’s “Long Day,” and the new tracks show a band clearly ready to pick up right where they left off, starting with the first hit single, “How Far We’ve Come,” an optimistic, fist-pumping polemic. The energy driving that track also provides the wattage on “I’ll Believe You When” and “All Your Reasons,” with their vigorous rhythms and catchy background vocals.  “If I Fall” really showcases Lillywhite’s production values, with crisp percussion and lively piano interludes playing off the kinetic guitar parts. The two remaining new tracks represent the genre’s inevitable power ballad, with “Can’t Let You Go” treading in classic rock territory. Matchbox Twenty fans rejoice: the band is back, and better than ever.


Customer Reviews

Matchbox Twenty has come far (5 stars)

90’s Alternative Rock legends Matchbox Twenty are back from a brief hiatus with their retrospective album ‘Exile on Mainstream.’ ‘Mainstream,’ which includes six new songs and 11 of their greatest hits, is best described as a smorgasbord of musical experiments borrowing elements from both the past and present.

Instead of serving the public a boring “greatest hits” album, MB20 tries something different by including six previous

Exile on Mainstream (Remastered) (2007) (5 stars)

1 word for this album: EXCELLENT

2 words for Matchbox Twenty: BEST BAND

This album is worth your time because all songs are great, and I love it!

Their music doesn't get old and is unforgettable.

I recommend this album.

6 Songs Isn't Enough? But it IS, if you know why …. (5 stars)

Matchbox Twenty honors the loyalty of their fans: they were going to release a compilation of their greatest hits, but the fans wanted something new also, so the band spent several weeks writing the six new songs together (all 4 contributed to the compositons and lyrics) to reward their followers. The resulting album was a compromise between the band and the producers as to what should be included. Please "reviewers" do a little


Formed: 1996
Genre: Rock
Years Active: '90s, '00s, '10s

Upon the release of their debut album, Yourself or Someone Like You, in fall 1996, Matchbox Twenty was pigeonholed as one of the legions of post-grunge guitar bands that roamed the American pop scene in the middle of the '90s. As their first single, “Push,” climbed the charts, it was widely assumed (at least by cynical critics) that they were a one-hit wonder, but Yourself or Someone Like You continued to spin off singles well into 1998. By that time, the group's blend of '70s arena rock and early-'90s…

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Top Songs By Matchbox Twenty

Name Album Time Price

How Far We've Come Exile On Mainstream 3:29 $1.29

If You're Gone Mad Season 4:34 $1.29

3 Am Exile On Mainstream 3:44 $1.29

Bent Mad Season 4:16 $1.29

Push Yourself or Someone Like Yo.. 3:58 $0.69

Unwell Exile On Mainstream 3:57 $1.29

3 AM Exile On Mainstream 3:44 $1.29

Push Exile On Mainstream 3:57 $1.29

These Hard Times Exile On Mainstream 3:47 $1.29

Real World Exile On Mainstream 3:50 $1.29

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