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Genre: Rock

Released: Nov 13, 2007

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Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin

British Blues
British Blues

'70s Hard Rock
'70s Hard Rock

Mothership (Remastered) – Led Zeppelin

Name Artist Time Price

Good Times Bad Times Led Zeppelin 2:47 $1.29

Communication Breakdown Led Zeppelin 2:27 $1.29

Dazed and Confused Led Zeppelin 6:26 $1.29

Babe I'm Gonna Leave You Led Zeppelin 6:41 $1.29

Whole Lotta Love Led Zeppelin 5:32 $1.29

Ramble On Led Zeppelin 4:21 $1.29

Heartbreaker Led Zeppelin 4:14 $1.29

Immigrant Song Led Zeppelin 2:26 $1.29

Since I've Been Loving You Led Zeppelin 7:23 $1.29

Rock and Roll Led Zeppelin 3:40 $1.29

Black Dog Led Zeppelin 4:54 $1.29

When the Levee Breaks Led Zeppelin 7:08 $1.29

Stairway to Heaven Led Zeppelin 8:02 $1.29

The Song Remains the Same Led Zeppelin 5:30 $1.29

Over the Hills and Far Away Led Zeppelin 4:48 $1.29

D'yer Mak'er Led Zeppelin 4:22 $1.29

No Quarter Led Zeppelin 6:58 $1.29

Trampled Under Foot Led Zeppelin 5:35 $1.29

Houses of the Holy Led Zeppelin 4:02 $1.29

Kashmir Led Zeppelin 8:28 $1.29

Nobody's Fault But Mine Led Zeppelin 6:15 $1.29

Achilles Last Stand Led Zeppelin 10:22 Album Only

In the Evening Led Zeppelin 6:49 $1.29

All My Love Led Zeppelin 5:53 $1.29

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Our Review

Led Zeppelin were the definitive hard rock band of the 1970s. No single band encapsulated so many different musical styles, all while applying their own permanent and personal stamp. Blues, rock, heavy metal, reggae, ‘50s retro, classical experimentation, middle eastern grooves, the band covered it all and their mega-success flew in the face of all entertainment convention. They rarely released singles and preferred obscure song titles and artwork to the expected user-friendly images of the day. That mystic quality can be heard throughout their eight official studio albums (with 1982’s Coda an outtake collection added later). Mothership features 24 remastered gems, the crème de la crème. Every aspect of the group comes to life: the stoned blues of “Dazed and Confused,” the raucous punk attack of “Communication Breakdown,” the heavy metal prototype of “Whole Lotta Love,” the ascending lyrical and musical grace of “Stairway to Heaven,” the middle-eastern tension of “Kashmir,” the epic shaking rhythms of “Achilles’ Last Stand,” the swooning heartbreak of “All My Love.” As perfect a collection as you’re likely to find — without springing for the complete works, that is.


Customer Reviews

Impossibly Excellent (5 stars)

This is a holy space. Dig around iTunes. There is magic here, in these sounds, that is not reproduced anywhere else. Period.

Finally! (5 stars)

I could never give them anything less than 5 stars, but come on Apple, Led Zep has to be sold in better quality than 128kbps!

I wouldn't even mind the DRM if you guys sold a higher quality version. So instead I'll be buying the CD version of this album.

Do yourself a favor, don't compromise on a band like Zep, get the CD (or better yet, the vinyl record). Not only is it much better quality, you also get the goodies in the case.

If you do

You Can't Get Any Better Than This!!!!! (5 stars)

This music is so much better than the rap crap kids listen to today. I've found out that most kids don't even know what stuff like this is. And if they do they aren't even willing to try it. I'm so sick of people judging things they don't understand! Anyway, this music is great. HIT YES IF YOU AGREE!


Formed: July, 1968 in England
Genre: Rock
Years Active: '60s, '70s, '80s, '90s, '00s

Led Zeppelin was the definitive heavy metal band. It wasn't just their crushingly loud interpretation of the blues — it was how they incorporated mythology, mysticism, and a variety of other genres (most notably world music and British folk) — into their sound. Led Zeppelin had mystique. They rarely gave interviews, since the music press detested the band. Consequently, the only connection the audience had with the band was through the records and the concerts. More than any other band,…

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Top Songs By Led Zeppelin

Name Album Time Price

Stairway to Heaven Mothership (Remastered) 8:02 $1.29

Kashmir Mothership (Remastered) 8:28 $1.29

Black Dog Mothership (Remastered) 4:54 $1.29

Immigrant Song Mothership (Remastered) 2:26 $1.29

Whole Lotta Love Mothership (Remastered) 5:32 $1.29

Over the Hills and Far Away Mothership (Remastered) 4:48 $1.29

Going to California Led Zeppelin IV (Remastered.. 3:31 $1.29

All My Love Mothership (Remastered) 5:53 $1.29

Hey Hey What Can I Do (From "Th.. The Complete Led Zeppelin (.. 3:56 $1.29

D'yer Mak'er Mothership (Remastered) 4:22 $1.29

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