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Genre: Alternative

Released: Oct 15, 1996

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Counting Crows
Counting Crows

'90s Rock
'90s Rock

'00s Adult Alternative
'00s Adult Alte..

Recovering the Satellites – Counting Crows

Name Artist Time Price

Catapult Counting Crows 3:34 $0.99

Angels of the Silences Counting Crows 3:37 $1.29

Daylight Fading Counting Crows 3:49 $0.99

I'm Not Sleeping Counting Crows 4:55 $0.99

Goodnight Elisabeth Counting Crows 5:18 $1.29

Children in Bloom Counting Crows 5:23 $0.99

Have You Seen Me Lately? Counting Crows 4:08 $0.99

Miller's Angels Counting Crows 6:32 $0.99

Another Horsedreamer's Blues Counting Crows 4:31 $0.99

Recovering the Satellites Counting Crows 5:23 $0.99

Monkey Counting Crows 3:01 $0.99

Mercury Counting Crows 2:47 $0.99

A Long December Counting Crows 4:55 $1.29

Walkaways Counting Crows 1:12 $0.99

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Customer Reviews

Second look at a sophomore album. (5 stars)

Pretty sure that this is the most consistently underrated album of the '90s. After the phenomenon of August, the Crows suffered the same kind of backlash that has buried many a talented-yet-overexposed band. That their 2nd album dealt expressly with the consequences of that meteoric celebrity made those who were sick of Mr. Jones feel like Duritz was simply being ungrateful. Thus, Satellites was roundly panned for "pretension," &qu

A Personal Favorite (5 stars)

Honestly, I can't tell if this album is good or not. As far as I'm concerned, it's one of the greatest albums ever. It calls out to me in a deep and personal manner that very few albums have ever acheived. It is really as fantastic as I see it, or is my judgement clouded by the personal associations I have with this album. Who knows. Have a listen and decide for yourself.

Underrating the Satellites (5 stars)

This is one of the most underrated albums of the 90's, which in my humble opinion, can be attributed to the fact that "August and Everything After" was overhyped. When the media hypes a band's first album, it can create unreasonable expectations from that point forward.

The fact of the matter is that "August" isn't "Better", it just recieved more attention. This album is just as good, maybe even better than &q


Formed: August, 1991 in San Francisco, CA
Genre: Rock
Years Active: '90s, '00s, '10s

With their angst-filled hybrid of Van Morrison, the Band, and R.E.M., Counting Crows became an overnight sensation in 1994. Only a year earlier, the band was a group of unknown musicians, filling in for the absent Van Morrison at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ceremony; they were introduced by an enthusiastic Robbie Robertson. Early in 1993, the band recorded their debut album, August and Everything After, with T-Bone Burnett. Released the fall, it was a dark and somber record, driven by the morose…

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Top Songs By Counting Crows

Name Album Time Price

Mr. Jones August and Everything After 4:32 $1.29

Accidentally In Love Accidentally In Love – Sing.. 3:08 $1.29

Round Here August and Everything After 5:31 $1.29

Big Yellow Taxi Films About Ghosts: The Bes.. 3:45 $1.29

A Long December Films About Ghosts: The Bes.. 4:57 $1.29

Accidentally In Love Shrek 2 (Soundtrack from th.. 3:08 $1.29

Rain King August and Everything After 4:15 $0.99

Hanginaround Films About Ghosts: The Bes.. 4:14 $1.29

Colorblind This Desert Life 3:23 $1.29

Untitled (Love Song) Underwater Sunshine (Or Wha.. 5:05 $1.29

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