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U Got 2 Know Album, Cappella


August 10th, 2013

1986 in Italy


Years Active:



An Italo-house production team employing up to ten different studios, at least a trio of producers for every production and scores of session workers, Cappella is mostly the creation of producer Gianfranco Bortolotti. Undoubtedly influenced by Motown's assembly-line aesthetic (as well as the '80s British dance team of Stock, Aitken & Waterman), Bortolotti coordinated the work of longtime producers DJ ProfXor, RAF and DJ Pierre (not the Chicago producer) to create dozens of European club/chart hits under the aliases Cappella, 49ers, Fargetta, RAF, Clubhouse and East Side Beat. For good or ill, Bortolotti's productions were most responsible for the Italian house phenomenon of the late '80s and early '90s, based on an often-maligned push-button production blueprint which includes only the cheesiest of melodies, samples, piano lines and diva vocals. Each single produced by Bortolotti's Media Productions underwent rigorous testing and remixing for maximum airplay in each country it's released, with only Bortolotti holding the final say on what appears. Throughout the 1990s, Cappella was one of the most thoroughly unartistic dance acts — and for the most part, proud of it.

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Top Songs

Name Album Time Price

Helyom Halib (House Revenge Mix) Best of Cappella 6:30 $0.99

Be My Baby (Bix Mix) 90s Super Hits 5:32 $0.99

Can You Feel It Babe (Hard Mix) Be my baby/Can U feel it ba.. 7:11 $0.99

Be My Baby (Praia Latina Mix) Be my baby/Can U feel it ba.. 5:35 $0.99

Be My Baby (R.A.F. Zone Mix) Be my baby/Can U feel it ba.. 7:11 $0.99

U Got 2 Know 90's Euro: DJ Mix Vol 2 4:27 $0.99

Move On Baby (Extended Mix) 90's Euro: DJ Mix Vol 2 5:45 $0.99

Power (NaXwell Vocal Club Remix) Power (feat. Bootmasters) 7:28 $0.99

Power (Da Clubbmasters Edit) Power (feat. Bootmasters) 5:50 $0.99

Power (Terrazi Remix) Power (feat. Bootmasters) 6:05 $0.99

Power (Bootmasters Club Mix) Power (feat. Bootmasters) 6:07 $0.99

U Got 2 Let The Music 90's Euro: DJ Mix Vol 1 5:26 $0.99

Be My Baby 90s Golden Dance Classics V.. 5:32 $0.99

U Got 2 Let The Music 2010 (Manuel B.. Minimal House 8:01 $0.99

I need your Love (T.S.O.C. Mix) I need your Love 6:13 $0.99

I need your Love (Alex Joy Ray Hands.. Best Of Cappella 4:45 $0.99

Move On Baby Mix (Extended Mix) Best Of Cappella 5:47 $0.99

Get Out of My Case (12 Inches Mix) Best Of Cappella 6:34 $0.99

U & Me (The Sound Of The Future) Best Of Cappella 6:25 $0.99

Helyom Halib (House Revenge Mix) Best Of Cappella 6:31 $0.99

U Got 2 Know (Raf On Air Mix) Best Of Cappella 7:31 $0.99

U Turn Me On (Radio Edit Mix) Best Of Cappella 3:51 $0.99

U R The Powr Of Love (String Mix) Best Of Cappella 5:23 $0.99

Do You Run Away Now (Mars Plastic Mi.. Best Of Cappella 7:04 $0.99

Can U Feel It Babe (Radio Edit Mix) Best Of Cappella 3:50 $0.99

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