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Cake Mix (feat. LoveRance & Clyde Carson) - Single, Celly Cel

Celly Cel

March 27th, 2013

Birth Name:
Marcellus McCarver

Celly Cel


Years Active:
'90s, '00s


Golden State Hip-Hop
Golden State Hi..
Gangsta Rap
Gangsta Rap

Celly Cel


Born Marcellus McCarver, Celly Cel grew up in Vallejo, CA, just north of San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area. His drawling hardcore gangsta lyrics and G-funk productions first appeared in 1994 on Heat 4 Yo Azz, but Celly had been making demos and honing his skills as far back as 1990. Released on E-40's Sick Wid It label, Heat 4 Yo Azz was well received, and the following year, his best-selling album to date, Killa Kali, was unleashed. Celly didn't have another release of his own until 1998's G Filez; in the interim, however, he managed to show up on records by E-40, Mossie, B-Legit Jay Tee, D-Shot, Young Dre, Latino Velvet, and Messy Marv. Sick Wid It and Celly Cel parted ways after G Filez, and a best-of was released the next year. Celly didn't miss a beat, though, and in 2000, he started his own label, Realside, and released a new album, Deep Conversation. His next project was a hardcore rap supergroup, the Criminalz, with Spice 1 and Jayo Felony. Their Realside album Criminal Activity was released in 2001. Song'z U Can't Find, a compilation of guest verses and otherwise rare material, came out in 2002, and It'z Real Out Here — his fifth studio album — followed three years later. In 2006, Celly's Slaps, Straps and Baseball Caps and The Wild West were both released.

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Cake Mix (feat. LoveRance & Clyde Carson) - Single, Celly Cel
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Cake Mix (feat. LoveRance & Clyde Carson) - Single, Celly Cel
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Top Songs

Name Album Time Price

It's Goin Down Killa Kali 5:24 $1.29

Cake Mix (feat. LoveRance & Clyd.. Cake Mix (feat. LoveRance &.. 3:38 $1.29

Cake Mix Cake Mix (feat. LoveRance &.. 3:38 $1.29

Heat 4 Yo Azz Bay Area Hits 90's 4:22 $0.99

Heat 4 Yo Azz Mob Music, Vol. 1 4:22 $0.99

Throw Dem Dubs Up Celly Cell Presents – Cali .. 2:23 $0.99

Call Her a B*%ch Celly Cell Presents – Cali .. 3:47 $0.99

On Sum Otha Ish (feat. Cousin' F.. Big Faces – EP 4:59 $0.99

Addicted 2 Pretty Bytchez Big Faces – EP 4:19 $0.99

Slappin' Big Faces – EP 4:12 $0.99

I Be Everywhere (feat. B-Legit) Big Faces – EP 4:26 $0.99

Ask About Me (feat. WC, C-Bo) Big Faces – EP 4:07 $0.99

Welcome To The Throw Jay Tee Presents Bay To San.. 3:54 $0.99

Connecto Point Blank Range, Vol. II .. 4:25 $0.99

Connecto Sac-Sin Presents: The Rezur.. 4:24 $0.99

Big Timers Struggle Original Rhythm & Hardc.. 5:22 $0.99

Empty tha Clip Heat 4 Yo Azz 4:29 $0.99

Nuthin' But Dick Heat 4 Yo Azz 5:37 $0.99

Hot Sunny Day (feat. Levitti, Marjun.. Heat 4 Yo Azz 4:57 $0.99

Pimp's, Playa's & Hustla.. Heat 4 Yo Azz 5:29 $0.99

Gin Wit No Juice Heat 4 Yo Azz 5:20 $0.99

Funk 4 Life (feat. Levitti) Heat 4 Yo Azz 4:34 $0.99

How to Catch a Bitch (feat. E-40, Mu.. Heat 4 Yo Azz 4:21 $0.99

What Am I Supposed to Do Heat 4 Yo Azz 4:29 $0.99

Bailin' Thru My Hood (feat. B-Le.. Heat 4 Yo Azz 4:29 $0.99

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